Just as important as cardio and strength if you want to maintain your range of motion into old age. Here are some different areas of flexibility worth looking into.


Should You Stretch?
Looks at some of the reasons people have been cautious about stretching and when/how you should do it. 

7 Types of Stretching
No this isn't just listing different muscles to stretch (Hamstring, check. Calves, check.) There are actually 7 different types of stretching you can do on the same muscle. Some have much greater benefits than others, and some should only be done at certain times to avoid injury.

Myofascial Release:

Foam Rollers
Have you seen those blue tubes hanging around the stretching area at your local gym? Well, those foam rollers are fantastic for 'myofascial release', and if you don't know what that is then you'll just have to read the post. 

Foam Rollers Part 2
We can't be serious all the time. Here is a post with the top ten other uses you could put your foam rollers to once you've finished stretching.

Particular Areas:

IT Band Syndrom
IT Band tightness affects a lot of athletes and even less committed fitness types. Along with other suggestions for minimising the risk of damaging your IT bands, this post includes stretches you should be doing to help them.

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