Thursday, 29 November 2012

Open Your Big Fat Mouth - Sometimes

5th December, 2012 - Emma and Tom Christmas Run: I'm in just because I opened my big fat mouth.

I had been planning to do it all along, really I had. But then I was sick last week, and that made me think that maybe I shouldn't do the run. I wouldn't be at my best and I wanted to use it as a measure of how much I had improved.

I opened the sign up page a few times, but then closed it again. Thought about it, forgot about it, remembered at inconvenient times, and then decided that maybe I should wait until next year.

Then on Wednesday I was meeting with fellow writer Bec Butterworth to work on our NaNoWriMo writing challenge. Very excitingly, she has an article in this month's Women's Health. Though she was not so impressed when I announced this to the supermarket checkout chick while buying the magazine. Don't know why.

But we were sitting at lunch talking about health and fitness writing, and out of my mouth came 'And there is a 10km run next Wednesday I want to do, but am not sure about...' and then equally without thought she suddenly said 'I'll do it with you.'

And from then neither of us could back out.

So we have both signed up and we have set a goal (she's pacing me, and I want to do it in under an hour, as my previous best time was 1 hour and 3 mins, though that was about three years ago now...).

And now it doesn't really matter if I don't actually do as well as I might have if I hadn't come down sick, I just have to do it so I don't disappoint Bec (or totally humiliate myself).

So, my generally conclusion is that sometimes it is good to open your big fat mouth, you never know where it might take you.

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