Sunday, 23 December 2012

Heifer International Fundraiser - Check Out My Writing Blog!

Time for a bit of cross promotion!

Instead of running the fundraiser on both of my blogs, I'm just going to direct you across to my writing blog where I've pledged to donate $1 per comment on the Heifer International post.

This money will go towards buying a useful and cute (usually) animal for a needy family through the efforts of Heifer International. 

Here are some of the animals I'm hoping to get if I raise enough money:

Flock of Ducks
If I raise $20 I can get a flock of ducks. Useful, and so cute.

For $10 I can get a share in a goat, or for $120 a whole goat. Who doesn't want a whole goat?
Llama Face!
How cute is he? I can get a share in a llama for $20 or a full llama for $150. (Keep commenting!
Honey, Honey.
Donate honeybees for a charitable gift idea 
For $30 I can sponsor a beehive and give a village honey and help pollinate the veggies. Not so cute, but pretty sweet! (ha, that's worthy of my dad.)
It's Christmas, so I'm more than happy to donate as much money as I can raise, so don't be afraid! The more comments, the more cute and possibly fluffy animals a needy family gets, so get commenting!

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