Sunday, 16 December 2012

Swing When You're Winning... or Even When You're Not!

Today's post is by Natalie Beck written up after she had just come back from New Orleands.  

Although Swing dancing may be considered a bit of a novelty here in Australia (apologies to anyone who actually does partake), it forms the fabric of life on the streets and in the clubs around New Orleans - the birth place of Jazz and Swing…

Swing dancers can be found ‘shaking it’ on any corner in and around the renowned French Quarter in hail, rain or shine.

They’re normally accompanying a very serious - yet fun as –big brass band that set up shop anywhere they see fit (or anywhere it’s possible to make a noise and draw the crowds).

Only in New Orleans is it considered ‘way cool’ to be a street performer than it is a paid and signed up professional… it is a choice.

However, that doesn’t mean that swinging in the clubs is not done – places like the Spotted Cat and the Three Muses on Frenchman Street always draw a crowd of those who are serious about their ‘Swing’

New Orleans seriously love their Jitterbugs

and so do I…………..

Nat Beck.

(most photos from the Smoking Time Jazz Club facebook page.)

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