Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Yah For Setting Goals and Being Bloody Minded

At the beginning of the year, instead of making resolutions, which have always failed me, I made a list of 80 things I wanted to do by the end of the year. These were divided into different categories.

In the sporting category I had things such as:
- Go surfing.
- Complete 10km in under an hour
- Do a half marathon ergo.

As the year has gone on, and is very close to closing, I've realised I haven't as much time to finish these things as I had thought. So I've been on a made rush to finish what I can, and then will move the rest onto next year's list.

As you all know, I completed the 10km race last Wednesday. I then neatly deleted the 'under', and it was ticked off.

But I had given up hope of doing a half marathon ergo, as honestly I haven't been on the rowing machine for a few months.

However last night I thought I would at least get myself back into the flow of things by doing a Maffetone aerobic row for 30mins. (Yes, reading the book has sucked me into trying it again.)

45 minutes in I thought about whether I could do the full half marathon, but calculated it would take me just over 2 hours, and I was already becoming sore.

Once I hit the hour mark, I knew I wasn't backing down.

At 1:15 my Iphone died so I had no music. Was very tempted to drop out then, but kept going.

The last 20minutes I knew I wasn't going to quit, but everything was in quite a bit of pain, so it was a rather long stretch of time.

And in 2:00.23 I completed 21kms. It was slow, and I kept my heart rate mostly under 150, just letting it slip up to 155 in a few places.

I then had trouble walking back from the gym, but am proud that I ticked it off.

Would I have done that without the goal? No.

Am I glad I did? Hell yes.

So yah for goals.

Am now wondering if I can knock over the jog a half marathon before the end of the year, though it might be a jog/walk the distance, but that would be something...

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