Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sugar Detoxing Fail

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Sugar detoxing is hard!

It's probably even harder if you manage to actually cut out the sugar. But even just trying to do that is difficult.

So, on Sunday I said I was going to cut out the sugar this week, caffeine next week, and increase my low level cardio in line with the Primal Blueprint, before going on my health retreat in two weeks' time.

The fact that I had to have a fasting blood test on Monday did not really help. Almost passed out again in the doctor's surgery, but that could also have been because I'm not great with needles, and tend to do weird breathing while one is stuck in me.

So needed something quick, but without sugar. So I got a juice, which faithfully said it had no added sugar. But is juice cheating? It feels like it should be cheating.

I also got a turkey wrap for my late breakfast because I couldn't find much else, and fear that the cranberry sauce probably had sugar too.

For lunch I was super good and had sausages, steamed veggies and a roast tomato. So definitely going well on the extra veggies and protein.

Walked for 2 hours after work (only one hour was intentional, the extra hour was because the tram didn't come.)

Shopping for meat for dinner I found that so much of it is basted in... sugar! Ended up getting these mini pork roasts with chilli and corriander which were really nice (and supposedly sugar free). I also roasted some eggplant, tomato, capsicum and chunks of garlic (I live by myself, who cares if I have bad breath?) with some olive oil along. And that was it for the night.

This morning I had sausages and salad for breakfast (weird, I know, but breakfast salad is becoming a thing, just wait.) But then at work one of the girls brought in Mochi, which I love, and turns out to have like five different types of sugar in it. I admit I cracked.

Then at lunch grabbed an iced white tea, only to find after I had bought it that it had cane sugar as the second ingredient after water! Natural cane sugar, though, does that make it any better? (Don't worry, that one's a joke).

Continued on the downhill slope with sweet chilli salmon for my mid-afternoon snack, but was good after that with most roast pork with veggies and some apple for dinner.

So, starting all over again tomorrow.

Anyone know: is juice and fruit allowed when trying to detox from sugar?

Think I'm going to make up some date and almond balls, as had them at a yoga retreat recently and it was just as good as chocolate. Will let you know how they go.

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