Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Fitness Fun - Walk, Don't Run! Figgy Goodness and The Perfect Body.

I'm starting a new series to keep you motivated and informed. Every Friday I'm going to do a quick round up of interesting fitness news and ideas from around the web, with tips for you to try out on the weekend. 

Hope you enjoy!

Today's Research:
Time Magazine reports on recent research which shows that disease prevention-wise - running and walking have the same benefits. 

"A new study published in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology found that walkers lowered their risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as runners."

So don't feel discouraged if Couch to 5K leaves you weak at the knees, even just walking for the 30mins 3 times a week will have benefits. 

Suggestion: if you've never done it, buy yourself a cheap pedometer (little clip-on thingy that measures how many steps you take, can probably download app that does it, if you are prepared to carry your phone everywhere) and take the 10,000 steps challenge. During your day try to take 10,000 steps. If you are coming up short, add in a walk to increase your movement.

Weekend Cooking:
Feeling a bit sugared out after Easter?
Women's Health presents 3 great recipes from Michael Moore's new book, Blood Sugar.

Here's just one to get your taste buds buzzing:

My Simple Figs On Toast With Ricotta

My Simple Figs On Toast With Ricotta

4 slices of seeded bread
100g (3½oz) low-fat ricotta
2 ripe black figs (or fresh raspberries or strawberries)
1 teaspoon agave syrup

Toast the bread then mash the ricotta onto it using the back of a fork. Slice the figs and also mash them onto the ricotta.

Drizzle with a little agave syrup and enjoy with coffee or tea.

Serves 4.

Per serve: Kilojoules (kJ) 664 Protein (g) 9 Fat –total (g) 4 Fat – saturated (g) 1.2 Carbohydrate 18 Sodium 187
Photo: Blood Sugar.

Sounds like a great Saturday Brunch. Just add some Jasmine Green Tea and friends!
I also tried a similar recipe with nectarines which was great, if you can't get figs. 

Want Something New?
Men's offers up a four week program to 'the perfect body'. Who doesn't want a perfect body?

"Training like All Blacks centre Sonny Bill Williams will provide you with the physical
attributes required to excel in any sport. Here’s rugby coach Jan Keller’s workout."

The article has good instructions and pictures to demonstrate the moves. The workout covers all the major muscle groups and mixes up tried and tested moves with some that are a little different. This is a good general workout for those wanting a challenge.

So, that's this weeks Friday Fitness Fun!
Any suggestions on things you would like to hear about?

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