Sunday, 21 April 2013

Half Marathon Training - Week 1

If you have just tuned in, I've started training for my first half marathon. I'm using the Half Marathon Coach training app, which gave me a 'pre-training week' before hitting me with my first week of actual training.

Which was probably lucky.

While the mileage is not close to half marathon distance (am very glad I started 15 weeks before the event, rather than 10 or 12), there is a big difference between jogging for 20 mins and jogging for 40 mins. 

The program steps up rather a lot with its expected times. For me the hardest part was definitely the mental aspect: you mean I have to just stay here for another 20 minutes? But I've already done 20 minutes! Fine. 20 mins.... 19.5 mins... I really don't like this song very much... 19 mins... Why is there nothing good on the TV?... 18mins... Yah!... 17.95 mins... Seriously? etc. etc.

It also turns out that I am one of the 10% of people that have a slight reaction to the flu shot. Had it Tuesday at work, and by Tuesday night was feeling pretty seedy. It was only the knowledge that it wasn't actually the flu and wasn't going to harm me that pushed me out the door for my first training session of the week. But I basically started Tuesday's training already with breathing difficulty and a stitch, so it sort of just went downhill from there.

Tuesday - 20 mins easy. I managed to stay at 9km/hour, but had to do 15 mins, then walk for 5 minutes while I tried to work the stitch out, but then did jog for my final 5 minutes at the end. So, yah for actually doing it all!

Wednesday - 40 mins pace (20 mins easy, 1 minute 11k/h 1 minute 8k/h x 5, 10 minutes easy). Still wasn't feeling great, but got all the way through my first 20 and most of my intervals without breaking. Just on my last 8k/h jog I turned it into a walk, then got back on track for the last 10minutes. So, all in all I'm calling that a win.

Thursday - Rest. (Thank you God.)

Friday - 30 minutes easy. Did this at 9k/h. It wasn't too bad, just training my mind to keep going. I wasn't in pain, just that general discomfort that makes your body go 'okay, we stop now.' But I didn't, so another win.

Saturday - Rest.

Sunday - 50mins long run. I only did this at 8k/h, so it was possibly a bit easy but I did it, which is the most important thing. Breathing was good all the way through, and I tried to keep a focus on my form.

So, week 1 successfully done. Week 2 ups the times again so I've got a 40min easy to begin with, 50 minute pace, 30 minute easy and then an hour long. Nothing to be too scared of :D

Oh, and my weight? Well, it turns out that eating out several nights in a week,and having a huge family birthday feast the day before weigh in does not help you lose weight.

I was 76.9 pre run. Last time I weighed myself after my Sunday long run, and was 76.3, and today post run I was 76.6. So not a major gain, but not the -0.5kg I was 'trying' for. (Trying being a relative term, interchangeable here with 'hoping' or 'dreaming'.)  I also then made sure I drank another 300ml to make up for the dehydration I obviously incurred.

Will try to be better this week.

Though am feeling slimmer and just generally tighter, which is always nice :D

Any got any good mental tricks to keep sane while jogging for really long amounts of time? Anyone?

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